Meet the heroes who make it happen

“All kids need is a little help, a little hope,
and someone who believes in them
~ Magic Johnson


Most of our board members are parents or siblings of children with special needs who recognise the enormous impact of Step by Step on its beneficiaries.
Given their genuine understanding of the cause, combined with their valuable business acumen and community-wide contributions, they are uniquely qualified to serve at the helm of the charity and help us attain our vision.

Mrs Toby Walzer, Founding Trustee

Mother of two charming adult sons with special needs, founder of In Touch charity – parent support group, author of Storm to Serenity, founder of UTurn wellness program. Mrs Walzer wears many hats and serves many roles, but having her as an active board and parent-committee member is truly a good fortune.

Mr Leibel Schlesinger, Trustee

Mr Schlesinger is the brother of a delightful young man, Duvid-who suffers from developmental delays. Mr Schlesinger brings his extensive experience in governance and management as a senior director of development as AIHA, a housing association.

Mr Ben Zion Hofstatter, Trustee

Father of an adorable young daughter with special needs. Mr Hofstatter is a businessman by profession, but a community activist by choice and his involvement in our — and other — local charities have been an asset to the infrastructure.

Rabbi Hager, Trustee

Dedicating 10 years of summer and winter holidays to volunteering at a Summer camp for children with disabilities has motivated Rabbi Hager NPQH to join our Trustee board. He brings with him 20 years of educational experience in different leadership positions at Hasmonean High School. 

Mrs Rachel Margulies, Trustee

Development worker at the Interlink Foundation and years of experience and engagement in the Voluntary & Community sector. Mrs Margulies’ expertise in the field — especially in accessing funding — has proven invaluable.

Mrs Ruth Erblich, Trustee and Treasurer

Chartered accountant who also works as a Benefits Officer and Advisor at Agudas Israel Community Services, supporting people in accessing benefits and advocating for those who are not successful.

Mr Motti Friesel, Trustee and Medical Advisor

Director of Refuah Diagnostics and as a Senior Ambulance Technician volunteer for Hatzola. Having joined our affiliated Camp Horizon summer and winter sleepaway camps, he has seven years authentic hands-on experience with children of special needs. 


Our staff and carers are skilled dedicated workers who have chosen to work at Step by Step out of passion, rather than merely as a profession. Seeing the professional and patient way they tend to the children makes you grateful that there are such gentle, gifted individuals in this world.

Rabbi Shloime Reiner, Dean

Father a delightful young son with Down Syndrome. Rabbi Reiner is a learned scholar with 20+ years experience in education, whose wise counsel across the board are crucial to the charity’s ethos and mission.

Mrs Esther Hoffman, Director

Is AAT Level-4 qualified and has 10 years experience in the youth and charity sectors. Her drive and determination as she reaches for the stars on a day-to-day level have propelled the charity forward in an astronomical way.

Mrs Gitty Hopstein,
Operations Director

Mrs Chani Pshemish,
Head of Services

Mr Mark Grosskopf,
Teen Boys Manager

Mrs Friedy Tesler,
Finance Manager

Mrs Beilu Weiss,
Sports Manager

Mrs Chavi Klein,
Development Manager

Mrs Esti Niederman,
Admin Support

Mrs Malky Braun,
Volunteer Co-ordinator

Parent Committee

Our parent body is essential to the fulfilment of our vision, with a dedicated steering committee overseeing each division. This parental connection fosters an excellent two-way partnership, ensuring any interests or concerns are fully addressed.

Mrs Miriam Josovic,
Parent liaison

Mrs C Schlesinger,
Younger children

Mrs R Ollech,
Older girls

Mrs C E Gluck,
representing Hackney Users 

Mrs M Stern,
Older boys

Mrs C Kahan,
Bikur Cholim case worker

Mrs S Kahan,
Haringey users’ representative

Mrs E Reiner,
Younger Children


Our pool of 300+ trained volunteers choose to invest their free hours in Step by Step, not necessarily because they have the time, but because they have the heart. 

Thanks to their character and confidence when out and about with the children, they have inspired a cultural shift, where children with disabilities have become an integral and valued part of the community.

To volunteer, apply HERE.

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