A haven where children with special needs feel LOVED Donate A haven where children with special needs feel LOVED Donate

A haven where children with special needs feel LOVED Donate

About Us

An oasis of joy

For 25 years, Step by Step has enhanced the lives of local families with disability in London and across the UK.Step by Step provides recreation for children with moderate to severe physical, emotional and learning disabilities, from age two to adult. We arrange activities, sports, day trips, and playschemes, helping children thrive while giving parents a break on holidays and half-term.
  • 1 Activities and sports
  • 2 Holiday playschemes
  • 3 Friendly environmen
  • 4 Parental breaks
Children attending services
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Days of holiday playscheme a year
Hours of after-school care per child a week
Parallel full-day Sunday clubs
Hours devoted by volunteers in 2022
After- school sports sessions a week
Enriching day trips a year
Value of volunteer time per annum
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Children turned away over fees

Our Mission


Cultural programmes

We are the only local Orthodox Jewish out-of-school program for children with special needs, providing a setting that upholds their family's values.

Huge volunteer base

With 70% of our team operating on a volunteer basis, the funding we receive is not diluted by staff or administrative costs but concentrated on the fruition and quality of our services.

Parent-led committee

Our parent committee is essential to the fulfilment of our vision. The parent committee offers invaluable insights, ensuring our organisation stays closely connected to users' needs, especially regarding the respite care we offer.

Two-way transport

A wheelchair-accessible bus handles the pick-up and drop-off of children from school, home, or other locations, relieving parents of the hassle and enhancing their respite experience.

Ability sub-groups

Children are grouped by ability levels to address their individual social, emotional, and physical needs. The "Butterflies" group consists of younger children with severe physical disabilities.

Two decades operation

As a longstanding organization, we have refined our services through trial and error to deliver a top-rated experience.


It's all Fun and Games

“Just because I can’t walk, doesn’t mean I can’t play!” ~ Inclusive Play

Sports Programme

This is a highly successful after-school program for ages 3 and up, conducted in real sports settings.We have mainstream, mixed and additional needs groups.


Musical Performance

 The musical performance is a culmination of the year’s dance classes in a live on-stage musical. The children practice and then perform with mature and sensitive mainstream young girls.

Sunday Club

Sunday Club gives parents and siblings a break and allows to enjoy their Sunday off with a walk, shopping spree or to tackle their to-do list, while their sibling has stimulating fun.

News & Blogs

Appreciation is a wonderful thing. Our goal is to respond to the call of creating the emerging leaders of tomorrow

Empowering Our Carers: A Successful Training Session on Safeguarding, Cleanliness, Responsibility, and Confidentiality

At StepByStep, we believe that continuous learning and professional development are crucial for delivering top-notch care. Recently, we organized an

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